The construction manual call for building the wing first but I decided to build the fuselage first as my method would require less room.

Firstly you must build a jig from wood that the frames can fit over. then everything is aligned using water levels, string lines and plumb bobs.

Aligning the fuselage frames

The jig is very flimsy at this stage.

Next the longerons are added along with various other stringers and parts such as the battery box, exhaust ports and nose gear wheel well. The lower side longerons are left until last as they take on compound bends and reverse twists that could throw the rest out of alignment.Adding longerons

The frame ready to be sanded.

Next comes the float sanding which I don’t particularly enjoy but it actually went better than I thought it would. One problem was that the alignment would move a little from time to time though. After the sanding came the fun bit….. fitting the skins. I like this because it starts to make the structure look like something.

Starting the fuselage skinning

Some front fuselage skinning with compound bends

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