Wing Frame

Somewhere in the Falco’s history it was assessed by the military. The end result was a requirement to improve the stall characteristics. Frati then re-designed the outer 3 ribs profiles in order to achieve this. I don’t believe this was ever used although I could be wrong. If I was building again I would include the mod.

I don’t believe an aeroplane can ever be too safe. It might have a minor effect on speed but not of any real significance if you ask me. If I fly for four hours and go 2 or 3 knots slowere will it make any real impact on my arrival time? not really.

New profiles

Getting ready to close the spar

After FINALLY finishing the flaps and ailerons I’m getting ready to build the wings. First I had to get the spar back from my friend’s house ( he nursed it while I was living in Hamilton ). I didn’t realize it would be so exciting seeing the spar next to the fuselage like that !! ( Tear in eye ).

Attaching the Spar

After I closed the spar there was a lot of fiddly bits with fitting the undercarriage mounts and aileron bellcrancks etc. to the spar. Next I contoured the upper and lower spar caps to suit the rib profile…it made a hell of a mess and wasn’t easy considering my workshop was about 35 degrees (Celcius !!.. whew!!).

 A VERY exciting part…. Attaching the spar… Its finally starting to look more like an aeroplane than a canoe !!

Starting to attach the ribs.

Now the whole thing gets topsy turvey and flips onto its nose and the ribs are attached.

(Other Falco builders may note that it would normally be flipped up the other way but I needed to do this for a number of space reasons.)

Prior to skinning.

Here I had to remove the flap/aileron skin on the left side due to not being entirely happy with the result..

(I need to clean the workshop too!!)


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